Schaaf Window Company is proud to offer full service installation of windows, interior doors, exterior doors, shower doors and mirrors for remodeling and new construction. Our installers are our own employees, not a subcontractor. They are all highly skilled carpenters that are JELD-WEN and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Associations) Installation Masters Certified. We use only the best practices and the finest materials.

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Our knowledgeable salesperson will come on site to view the project and measure so there is no guess work. We will provide a free, all inclusive estimate. In our installation of windows and exterior doors we use tapes and insulating foams to stop water and air infiltration to give you a tight envelope. We take care of all aspects of the installation project - from removal of the old product to final caulking and cleanup. A final inspection is completed to ensure proper operation of the product and ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Replace Your Old Windows With New?

Increased Value

Depending on location, new windows can increase your home's value from 75 to 125 percent. In addition, new energy effecient windows will maintain your homes comfort all year long.

New Construction

We have found that a majority of problems regarding air or water infiltration, whether installation failures or product failures, could be minimized or even eliminated if proper and thorough procedures are followed.

Our Installation Procedure

  • Check opening, cut house wrap back on top, and check for a level sill.
  • Install drain mats for vinyl windows, sill pans for patio doors or flashing tape on clad/wood windows to bottom of rough opening.
  • Shim and nail to rough opening.
  • Apply flashing tape on side nail fins and then on top.
  • Tape house wrap on side of product.
  • On the inside, use non-expandable foam to seal between the product frame and the rough opening. This creates an air and water tight barrier between the products frame and the rough opening as well as insulates.

What do we achieve with this procedure?

  • Move possible failure points for air and water away from the rough opening and window or door.
  • Tie water plane of window to the weather plane of the wall (building wrap) in a waterproof manner.
  • Protect the top of the opening from accumulating water.
  • Install plumb, level, square and with shims to reduce future pressures from wind, settlement and rough opening movement. Reduce Airflow around the product to lowest possible level

What are the benefits for the builder and homeowners?

  • As building codes get tougher, our proper installation procedures will meet JELD-WEN and any village requirements.
  • We provide a two year installation warranty. Free labor on any installation related issues in addition to the standard JELD-WEN warranty. No more charges for window problems reelated to improper installation
  • Increased homeowner satisfaction if homeowners have fewer complaints and fewer callbacks to the builder or carpenter.
  • Calls regarding any window issues go directly to Schaaf. No need to determine if the problem is a result of improper installation.
  • Installations are completed by a certified JELD-WEN installer

Allow a minimum of three working days for scheduling. We do not adjust the size of any openings - All rough openings must be the correct size. All installation materials are included in our package price. We also offer install service. At the customer's request, we will install all of the screens and check the windows and doors to make sure everything is working properly and that customer is satisfied.


The Service department currently has 5 highly trained technicians with 15 plus years of experience with JELD-WEN products. We service new and old windows and doors, warranties and non-warranties.

We will also inspect non-JELD-WEN products and repair or replace accordingly.

Give us a call or stop in. We have knowledgeable personnel available Monday through Friday.

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